BKD8 SPRL – Vincent Pautré

Roles and assets

> Entrepreneur, consultant // Created new business, concept and team project for promoting belgian breeders – Beef TAKE 2018. Designed methods and processes to structure projects, transfers and managements – BKD8 SPRL 2017-8. Analyzed business needs with customers, lead renew of my missions to 6, 8 and 15 months – Altran 2010-7. Built and rolled-out sustainability and EHS software in multiple business environments – Enablon 2010-2.

> Project, program manager // Closed clinical study, regulatory and commercial projects and contracts between Pfizer and GSK – GSK, 2017 Deployed a 3 year project plan, built stakeholder relationships and monitored first year launch – Shire, 2016-7. Passed an ISO / Quality audit. Closed late CAPAs and lead mitigation plan of key risks – Johnson & Johnson, 2015.

> Team leader // Managed high responsibility turnover in project between 2 companies in highly technical and regulatory activities – GSK, 2017. Improved maturity level of a team of 14 operators and 1 coordinator in quality and operations – Shire, 2016-7. Lead QA task force, trained and prepared 650 operators against regulatory audit – Johnson & Johnson, 2015.

> Change, process optimizer // Translated urgency and prioritization issues into anticipation and risk management, PMO GSK, 2017. Aligned roles and responsibilities among process. Integrated new services in operations, Shire, 2016-7. Trained 30 abroad sites in quality management system. Initiated KPIs and CAPAs – Johnson & Johnson, 2015.

Professional experiences

  • Since Mar.2018 CEO and Founder, Beef TAKE, Belgium, Europe

    Develop business from scratch Engage and empower experts in project Launch new mobile app and concept, design user experience

  • Since Apr.2017 Freelance, project delivery manager and improver – Freelance, Belgium, Europe

    Transformation Agile-Lean in Supply Chain activities Capacity, Planning, Risk management and Escalation expertise Agile, SaFe, Kanban-JIT, Management 3.0

  • Oct.2010 -Mar.2017 Consultant – Altran, Belgium

    From Management: Coaching, Leadership, Reporting, Escalation, Capacity & Workload From SC: Lean, Operational Excellence, Performance and Capacity, Supplier Management From QA: Audit, Investigation, Preventive & Corrective Action Plan and Risk Management From IT: Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, V-Cycle, CMMI, PMI Multisector: Supply Chain, Logistic, Pharma, Medical Devices, Industry, Marketing, Bank

  • 2017 – PMO for new Divestment business – Meningitis vaccine

    Freelance Consultant for GSK, Wavre, Belgium GSK acquired Novartis and won monopoly of Meningitis vaccine. European commission decided to divest 2 vaccines from GSK to Pfizer. All data and activity related to these two vaccines have to be transferred to Pfizer. A PMO has been set-up to structure this transfer and standardize the method to replicate initiative to GSK portfolio.

  • 2016 – Labeling change manager

    Altran Consultant for Baxalta/Shire, Lessines, Belgium Baxalta is merging with Shire. Packaging expertise needs to be aligned between sites (Belgium, Ireland, Austria, US). A digital transition is wished in global organization to increase efficiency and capabilities. Due to precedent mission, Lessines is now a major actor in this expertise and I am asked to conduct this transition business case.

  • 2015 – Labeling change project manager – Gemini

    Altran Consultant for Baxter, Lessines, Belgium Baxter launches its pharmacological branch Baxalta. All packaging needs to be adapted accordingly. In parallel, biggest European site Lessines (>2000 people) is becoming global and becomes pilot of a 3 year global labeling change process.

  • 2014 – QA Task force lead – Regulatory audit readiness

    Altran Consultant for Johnson & Johnson, Courcelles, Belgium Johnson & Johnson Corporate Medical Devices & Diagnosis department decided to audit their largest EMEA distribution site (>650 people). A taskforce has been set up to insure the closure of the open CAPAs and define mitigation plans for key risks.

  • 2013 – E-commerce project manager and EMEA roll-out responsible

    Altran Consultant for Nu Skin, Zaventem, Belgium Launch of new strategy and products requested the implementation of multiple IT platforms. As project manager, I improved retention capacity of the business via the development of a web client interface and a mobile prospection application.

  • 2010 – Functional analyst, developer and testing responsible

    Altran Consultant for Enablon, Paris, France. HSBC (UK, India), ICTI (China, US), PMI (Switzerland), Areva (France), Eiffage (France) Enablon is a leader in the implementation of sustainability and EHS web solutions. My role was to gather requirements with multiple clients and build functional specifications, monitor the development planning and conduct all validation scenarios.


> Oct.2007 – June2010 / Master – MSc Computing Solutions for Business. Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent, England. SWOT matrix, PORTER models, UML

> Oct.2004 – May2007 / Engineer license in electronics ECE Ecole centrale d’électronique, Paris, France. IT development (C, C++), Mathematics and logics


> Bilingual in English, French (Mother tongue)

> Master of MS-Office, MS-Project, SharePoint

> Passionate of Social projects, DIY Metal welding, drawings in design and renovation plans, photography